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Sumo Suits  
Sumo Suits

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Sumo wrestling is great fun for everyone involved whether you are actually participating or just watching the wrestlers try to push their opponent out of the ring or pin them down! This is a hilarious game and a great addition to any party or event. Our foam padded suits will make you the size of a huge Japanese wrestler – will you be able to take on and beat your opponent, or will you just fall about laughing?

Sumo 2 Piece Suit Daily Rental 

Our adult/teenager and our children’s sumo suit
packages each include two padded suits, a thick 
padded sumo wrestling mat, two neck pads and two 
fully adjustable head guards which have traditional 
sumo hair styles!
Full day rental Sumo Suit, comes with:
Ground fighting ring
2 suits
4 Gloves
2 helmets